KugooKirin G3 Adventurers Dream Electric Scooter / 1200W rear motor / 52V 18Ah / touchable display control panel / TPU suspension system - Coming soon

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Making the Ultimate E-Scooter for Adventurers

Kugoo was founded in 2015. Over 20 models have been developed and over 1 million scooters have been sold worldwide. Kugoo Kirin G3 is equipped with a powerful 1200W rear motor, a 52V18AH lithium battery, a touchable display control panel, a unique kicktail, and a TPU suspension system.

Unique TPU Suspension System

Instead of springs, the suspension is made of special TPU material which is lighter, more reliable, and will never get rusted comparing to a standard spring suspension.

1200W Brushless Motor

The motor is specially modified to maximize torque. Powerful motor and deep pattern tires can enhance off-road performance while maintaining relatively lightweight with a large battery.

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TPU Suspension System


  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • No Maintainance


TPU is a block copolymer consisting of alternating sequences of hard and soft segments with many properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion. The TPU suspensions are designed to last longer than the lifetime of other parts on the scooter so that you never have to replace them. 

Unique Kicktail


  • Better control and agility                           
  • Time to Wheelie!


As Mike Fede mentioned in his video, placing a foot on the kick-tail gives you a lot more agility when you’re on the trails bobbing and weaving. If you need to jump or pull up, it’ll give you more leverage. It's time to wheelie!

Screw folding Mechanism


  • Easy to fold
  • Simple and Strong


Using a large screw to lock the stem is not only simple but also strong. The screw is also a front reflector. If the screw pattern wears out, simply replace the screw to ensure the folding mechanism stays strong and tight.

1200W Brushless Motor


  • Max Speed 60 KMH
  • 25-degree climbing angle
  • Powerful and lightweight


The motor of the Kugoo Kirin G3 is specially modified to maximize torque. The designed Max Speed is 60 KMH/37MPH. The max climbing angle is 25-degree. As Ben Fox mentioned in his video, you are getting most of the power of a dual-motor scooter but without the dual-motor weight or price tag.

936 WH Lithium Battery 


  • 80km range                                           
  • Enjoy the long trip
  • 8-10 hours charging


We want to have fun and don't have to worry about running out of juice so that G3 is equipped with a 936 WH lithium battery which makes it travel a maximum of 80km/50miles with one full charge. The charging time is 8-10 hrs.

Aluminum Alloy Frame


  • Build to last                                                
  • Lightweight                                   
  • 25kg(whole scooter)


The frame of G3 is fully made of aluminum alloy. Since G3 is equipped with full suspension and a powerful motor. Aluminum alloy is key to keeping the G3 relatively lightweight. The weight of the scooter is only 25kg which is much lighter than the other off-road scooters with full suspension like KugooKirin G1 which is 35kg.

Large deck


  • 20 cm wide deck: comfortable for long rides
  • 70 cm long deck: better control and better stability


The deck of G3 is one of the largest decks on scooters. It's 20 cm wide and 70 cm long. The deck extends to the back with its unique kicktail which gives better control and agility. The wide deck makes sure the riders are comfortable for long rides.

68cm Wide Handlebar 


  • Easier steering and control
  • 54% wider 
  • Bell: loud to be noticed


The handlebar of G3 is 68cm wide which is 54% wider than MI electric scooter. It can provide better steering and control over the short handlebars. There is also a loud bell on the handlebar.

Large Touchable Display 



  • Bright to see in direct sunlight
  • 50% Larger
  • Touch screen to control light modes, speed modes, start modes, and speed conversion


The display on G3 is not only large but also touchable. The touch screen can be used to control light modes, speed modes, kick start, and conversion between MPH and KMH. Riders can also short press the power button to switch light modes so that riders don't have to stop and change modes on the touch screen.

Three Brakes


  • Front disc brake                                 
  • Rear disc brake                                  
  • Rear EBS     


G3 is equipped with three brakes to ensure that you can stop whenever you need to. There is a front disc brake, rear disc brake, and an electric brake system in the motor. The drilled brake rotors on the front and rear mechanical brakes not only slow down better by increasing friction but also help the brake to cool down faster. The EBS is also an intelligent regenerative braking system so you can ride for longer with EBS.

7-Light System


  •  Head light x 2                                       
  • Brake light x 2                                           
  • Side lights x 2                                        
  • Rear light x 1


The 7 light system helps riders to see and be seen. There are two headlights, two brake lights, two sidelights, and one rear light. There are 3 light modes for different situations. Just tap the light section on the touch screen or short press the power button to switch lights.

10.5x2.75-inch off-Road Tires


  • Pass smoothly  on rough road
  • Enhanced off-road grip with deep tread pattern 


The deep tread patterns on 10.5x2.75-inch off-road tires enhance the grip capacity on both pavement and gravel. It can pass smoothly on roads other scooters can't.

Water resistance      


  • IP54
  • Worry-free on wet surfaces or in rain


KugooKirin G3 is water-resistant and the motor is waterproof. There is no worry about water issues on wet surfaces or in rain.

Production and Inventory

The KugooKirin G3s will be sent from our warehouses in Europe, the US, and China. The first container of G3s is on its way to Europe. Second container will be sent in early November.



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Warranty Infomation

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After Sales Service - Europe Center

Warranty Claims for Quality-Related Issues

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  • It may be necessary to return an item for quality inspection.
  • For defective items that KUGOO needs to have returned, warranties on those replacements are voided if the wrong item is returned to KUGOO or if the defective item is not returned.
  • You must include your defective Product within the original packaging or dealers’ approved packaging.

Valid proof of purchase:

  • Order number from online purchases made through kugoo-scooter.com
  • Purchase receipt, your Limited Warranty, and eligible warranty claims.

Please note that more than one type of proof of purchase may be required to process a warranty claim (such as receipt of money transfer and confirmation of address item was originally shipped to).



  • The product hasn’t been commercialized by KUGOO or any of its authorized dealers.
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  • Changes to the original condition of the product by natural influences (corrosion, condensation, etc.) due to improper storage conditions.
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  • The warranty duration has expired.


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