13Ah Lithium Battery

It has a 13Ah high-capacity lithium battery which allows for a longer range and higher speeds.

Pneumatic Tires & Honeycomb Solid Tire

It is equipped with  pneumatic front tires and honeycomb solid rear tire.

Fold Easily

3 seconds fast-folding design, stable and convenient.

 600W Motor

The strong driving force, 600W motor, Max 50km running distance.

Front and Rear Dual Spring Shock Absorbers

KugooKirin X1 is capable of handling all terrain. You can drive it on rugged road.

Double taillights

Double taillights are always on when the light swithch is turned on, and they flash when braking to remind vehicles coming from behind

Extremely light in weight

The scooter weighs only 19kg, even with 600w motor and 13Ah battery.

Sturdy Material

Aluminum alloy + PC material provides sufficient insurance for your driving safety.

RoHS & CE Certification

Pass RoHS and CE verification, it is a safe product.