General Brand KugooKirin
Model Number G1
Color Black
Classification Electric Scooter
Size 135*32*62cm
Gross Weight 38.1kg
Net Weight 31.2kg
Unfolded Size 130*65*134cm
Folded Size 130*65*53cm
Width of handlebar 650mm
Height of chassis  190mm
Width of plate 234mm
Max Load 150kg
Waterproof IP54
Material Aluminium alloy
Level 1 Top Speed 37 km/h
Level 2 Top Speed 54 km/h
Level 3 Top Speed 65 km/h
Brake Disk + EABS E-brake
Slope 15°
Max Mileage 65KM
Max brake distance 5M
Max Speed  65km/h
Motor Rated power 1000W
Voltage 52V
Instantaneous max power 1100W
Max PRM 1454RPM
Max output torque 29N.m
Battery Capacity 18.2Ah
Voltage 52V
Charging Time 10 Hours for a full charge 
Standard power consumption kW.h 946Wh
LED Beam 3pcs
Power 1.5W
Beam Angle 100°
Beam Area 1M2
Charger Input Voltage AC100-240V
Input Current 2.5A
Output Voltage 58.8V
Input Current 2A
Tire Tube Size 10 inch *2
Type Pneumatic Tire
Material Rubber
Outer Tire Size 80/65-6A-3051
Type  Pneumatic Tire
Best pressure 345KPa
Material Rubber
Brake Disk Outer-Dia. ZDC-140-Z
Inner-Dia 44MM   33MM
Display Type OLED 
Size 130mm*112mm*35mm
Display Content  Level, Speed, Battery, Error code  KM/H, MPH
Function  Cruise function Hold the accelerator up to 8 seconds by the same speed,  Cruise function on
KM/H to MPH/MILE Make Display to P02 to settle
Package Content 1*Electric Scooter
1*User Manual