What does IP54 mean?

The scooters are rated as IP54 (Liquids Ingress Protection 54).

It means that protection assured against water splashing from any angle and protection assured against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle.

On that basis, we don’t suggest to ride the scooter in rain, otherwise it may cause a water damage. According to our warranty policy, battery with a water damage will not be under warranty because it is a man-made damage.

Therefore, even though you like the scooter very much, but please avoid riding in the rain for the safety of both you and your scooter.

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Hi I have already message twice with no reply not a good start when I’m looking at buying kugoo m4 or a g booster

not giving me alot of confidence in your site now ive been waiting about week no reply

I wanted to know how come them two scooters are both like at least £100 cheaper on another one of your sites to this site can you explain why there different prices

Lee June 09, 2020

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