Kugoo Kirin Mini 2-- A scooter that is suitable for kids.

Highlights of Mini 2

8 & 6.5 Inch Tires 

8 & 6.5 Inch tire, taking into account the shock absorption and safety, riding more comfortable.

4Ah Lithium Battery 

It has a 4Ah high-capacity lithium battery which allows for a longer range and higher speeds.

Brushless Motor

The strong driving force, 150W motor, Max 15km running distance.

Fold Easily

3 seconds fast-folding design, stable and convenient.

Economic Space Occupation

85*42*34 cm folding size, space-saving, and portable to carry, easily cope with heavy traffic.

Sturdy Material

Aluminum alloy + ABS + PC material provides sufficient insurance for your driving safety.

Guaranteed with high quality

Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 passes RoHS and CE verification; it is a safe product.

It owns a automatic detection line, which means that any faulty products will be detected before selling. 

Simple folding design, fold the scooter by 4 steps.

Perfect height for kids

Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 heights 85.4*42*98cm when it unfold and 85.4*42*34cm when fold.

It is the best choice when you need your kids to get some stuff from a grocery store.


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