Kugoo G max--- weapon of a ride

Highlights of G max

10-inch Tire

10 Inch tire, taking into account the shock absorption and safety, riding more comfortable.

Lithium Battery

It has a 10Ah high-capacity lithium battery which allows for a longer range and higher speeds.

500W Motor

The strong driving force, 500W motor, Max 35km running distance.

3 Speed Modes

Featured 3 level adjustable speed settings to meet your preferences.

Built-in USB Port

Powering other mobile devices with a built-in USB port.

Bright Headlight

The headlight consists of a wide array of bright LEDs allows safer rides during the night.

Exquisitely Lit LED Chassis

LED strip on the side of the chassis allows riders to be seen in low lights.

Dual Brake System

Comprehensive electric and disc brake system allows a safer ride.

Fast-folding Design

3 seconds fast-folding design, stable and convenient.

Carry Easily

119*57*53cm folding size, space-saving, and portable to carry, easily cope with heavy traffic.

Durable Material

Magnesium alloy + ABS + PC material provides sufficient insurance for your driving safety.

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Problem got delivered my gmax this morning fully charged it but now it won’t move ? It shows on the screen full throttle but no movement at all ? Any ideas ? Had a little blast on it and it worked fine now its just stopped it seems to have a loading thing spinning on the bottom of screen please help :( .

Marc Mochan November 21, 2020

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